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Complete - 2012

Lost Man Project is the journal and photo diary of New York City based photographer Chris Schoenbohm.

Chris is a very talented photographer with a natural eye for composition and contrast. Chris takes a film approach to modern digital photography. Through the use of Photoshop masking, and various 3rd-party filters and tools, Chris utilises photographic techniques made famous by landscape photographers from the film era.

With a strong passion for travel, Chris enjoys travelling the world in hopes of seeing places with his own eyes and share them with those interested in what the world has to offer. Chris has featured in numerous publications, online blogs and on TV; interviewed by CBS News correspondent Anthony Mason about his photo captured during Hurricane Irene. His Flickr account Wandering the World is very popular.

My name is Chris Schoenbohm and I’m 29 years old. My travels have taken me to such places as China, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, India, Egypt, Iceland, Russia, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, all over the Caribbean and most everywhere in Europe. I’ve recently returned from a 9 month around-the-world trip and I’m already beginning to plan my next trip to a far off place. is based on the premium portfolio WordPress theme ‘Equilibrium’ by Onioneye. Installation, feature extension and theme customisation was carried out by Jonathan Stening.


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