My work

Lea Stening Health


Back-end coding, CMS, Front-end coding, Interface design, List mailer

Technologies & Integrations

Banners, CSS, Facebook, Google Mapping, jQuery, MailChimp, PHP, Twitter, WordPress, XHTML


Complete - 2011

For the past 26 years Lea Stening Health has helped individuals and the Christchurch community solve their nutritional problems.

At Lea Stening Health we welcome both individuals and groups to our clinics. We often work with couples or a parent and child who may be keen to make changes to their lifestyle and diet. For larger groups, such as those at business work places, communities or schools, we are happy to join you at your own location. is built on the WordPress platform and is integrated with MailChimp email marketing and email list manager. The website provides professional consultation information, clinic location details and general health advice through a FAQ section, healthy recipes and continually updated health related articles. Around four articles and recipes are added every month and sent out as an eNewsletter to over 3,500 subscribers; directing traffic back to the website each month.


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